Go Green: Have A Lush Lawn This Summer

Country Boy Pest Control

close up photo of a blade of grassLush, green lawns are a key part of "summer,” since the smell of fresh-mown grass, barbecues in the backyard, and kids playing in the sprinklers are all centered outside in the yard. Here in Florida though, keeping your lawn healthy and well-maintained can be hard due to the intense sun, wide variance in moisture throughout the year, and the pests that are able to thrive year-round thanks to an almost-constant mild climate. This can be frustrating for homeowners who want their grass to look like a golf-course catalog and end up with a dry, yellowed, patchy lawn instead. We want to pass one some information that can help, and let you in on why having a healthy lawn is important (beyond the aesthetics of course).

So, to start, why is having a lush lawn important? Aside from keeping your HOA happy, a healthy yard offers benefits such as:

  • Lessened erosion. Healthy grass means a healthy root system, and that keeps soil in place instead of allowing it to wash away during each heavy summer rainstorm. Over time, this is not only good for your yard itself, but also for your home, as erosion means settling and that can damage your home after years of soil wearing away around the foundation.
  • Fewer weeds (and weed pollens). Allergies are already bad during certain portions of the year in Florida, but since weeds are a major culprit in the production of allergy-causing pollens, cutting down on weed growth near your home means you'll enjoy better air quality and fewer effects like itchy eyes and constant sneezing. A lush lawn means the grass is growing consistently and will leave little room for weeds to take root and flourish. Note: using special fertilizers will further cut down on weed growth in your yard.
  • Better moisture control and drainage. A healthy yard holds moisture longer and more efficiently uses water, so you'll be spending less money on using your irrigation system. Additionally, grass uses up a lot of water that come during the rainy season here in Florida, and for homes with any low-lying areas or portions around their home with poor drainage, having grass that thrives off of moisture can be a huge help in pulling the water away and causing problem. It's a mutual benefit: beautiful grass and less water damage!

So, how can you get a yard that helps with the above issues? Identifying your grass type is the first step. In some cases if a yard has been completely overrun with weeds, homeowners will need to re-sod, but in most cases grass can be brought back with a little bit of yard preparation, seeding and some proper care. A consistent watering schedule, aeration, fertilizing, and pest control is also important for keeping your lawn looking its best. The best part? You don't have to put all the work in yourself! Companies like Country Boy Pest Control offer lawn services (including tilling, aeration, and pest control) so you can call us in to get your yard where it needs to be. We will work with you to come up with the best maintenance plan for your specific yard, which sets you up for success this summer. So, go green and get out there and enjoy your yard this summer. Country Boy is ready to help!

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