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Ron Henderson grew up in Eagle Lake, Florida where he worked at a local Winn-Dixie for 12 years. After leaving Winn-Dixie to help his father start an appliance business, he quickly found that the money he was making would not pay his bills, so Ron took a job as a manager of a rent-to-own store.
While working at the store, Ron met the owner of a Lake Wales pest control company, who later offered Ron a job. Ron worked at the pest control company for three years until the owner sold his business. During the next year, Ron worked at an Auburndale pest control company until his old boss, who had, in the meantime, started Country Boy Pest Control in Sebring, offered Ron the opportunity of buying the business.

Ron purchased Country Boy without hesitation. It has been a challenging but rewarding investment for Ron, and since that day in 1990 he has never looked back.

While still involved in the company, Ron has stepped back from the day to day operations and turned it over to his two sons. Ron plans to retire within the next few years and let his sons completely run the business. Ron also Pastor’s a church in the city he was raised in (Eagle Lake Assembly of God) and still fulfills the role of a business owner.