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Homeowners may take a hands-off approach to a bee problem initially since the nest isn’t big, and they don’t seem to be causing trouble. However, established colonies can be territorial and some bees, such as carpenter bees, can cause property damage. Country Boy Pest Control LLC. offers bee and wasp control in Auburndale for bees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Our experienced technicians use proven methods to get rid of bees to protect the integrity of your home and the safety of your loved ones.

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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are also known as wood eaters because they cause millions of dollars in damage to residential and commercial buildings throughout Central Florida each year. Male carpenter bees do not sting, but they are large and aggressive and often found hovering around the nests. Female carpenter bees sting when agitated, which causes redness, pain, and swelling.

You can tell you have carpenter bees when you see:

  • Large black bees flying around outside your home
  • Holes bored into wood outside your home
  • A yellow color at the entrances of the holes
  • Sawdust on the ground under the holes

Carpenter bees don’t feed on wood but dig tunnels in wood to create their homes, which damages the structural integrity of the wood. The female digs a series of small cells around a ball of pollen to feed their larvae. The entrances to the tunnels are perfectly round small holes that are bored into soft wood that is unpainted and untreated. Due to the structural damage caused by carpenter bees, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Wasps & Hornets

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that has a distinctive yellow coloring and aggressive behavior. Florida is home to two species: the eastern yellow jacket and the southern yellow jacket. Their presence can be beneficial because they prey on ants and other insects. However, colonies can grow extremely large and their stings can be dangerous, or even deadly, for some people.

Yellow jackets nest above and below ground and may be found near or in:

  • Sheds
  • Carports
  • Garages
  • Outdoor garbage cans
  • Bushes
  • Holes in the ground made by rodents

Hornets build their nests above ground and become aggressive when disturbed. While honeybees can sting only once, hornets can keep stinging. This can become extremely dangerous when their nests are located in areas that are frequently occupied by people. Regardless of the species that has invaded your space, we offer cost-effective and reliable bee and wasp control in Auburndale.

The Right Solution to Your Bee or Wasp Problem

At Country Boy Pest Control, we deliver safe, fast, and affordable bee and wasp control in Auburndale for all species of bees and wasps that are found in our area, including the destructive carpenter bee. Our technicians will inspect your property to identify the type and scope of your problem with bees and wasps. We utilize the latest strategies, materials, equipment, and technologies to eradicate any problem with bees or wasps. In addition to bee and wasp problems, if you have found that you have a rodent infestation, give us a call, we can help.

Our Carpenter Bee Elimination Program is environmentally safe and uses a specially formulated insecticidal dust and special equipment for dusting trim in high and inaccessible places. This enables us to inject the dust in areas that are difficult to reach. Once the holes have been treated, the bees will be eliminated. You can keep out new inhabitants by sealing the holes and painting the wood. Read our testimonials and see what everyone is saying.

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