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Fleas are highly adaptable and can nest almost anywhere. They frequently make their homes indoors and outdoors, including your furniture, carpeting, and yard. Fleas in particular are notoriously challenging to eliminate. At Country Boy Pest Control LLC., we provide fly and flea control in Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lakeland, and neighboring areas with technicians who are capable of handling any type of infestation.

Are flies or fleas causing problems? Contact us for expert service to protect your family and your pets.

Signs You Have Fleas in Your House

After a long day of work, it's nice to come home and cuddle your dog or cat, but have you thought about what they have been doing all days when you start rubbing your face next to theirs? If you notice that your animal is scratching a bit more then normal, it could be because they have fleas. If this is this case, we have a couple signs to look out for in order to know if your home has fleas.

  • Ankle Bites - If you notice that your ankles have been getting bites and those bites become very itchy, your home may have flea visitors. Check the bite to see if it has one or two holes. A spider bite will have two holes, while a flea bite will only have one hole.
  • White Sock Test - Like stated above, one way to check if your home is infested by fleas is to wear a pair of high white socks around your home. Make sure to walk around areas where carpet or rugs are and see if any fleas try to hitch a ride on your socks. If you notice that fleas have attached themselves to your socks, it may be time to call us for our expert Auburndale flea control services.
  • Look at Carpeting - Rugs and your carpet are a common place that fleas like to live and lay their eggs. Make sure to check in between the fibers for any eggs or fleas and if you notice these pesky pests, give us a call today.

How Fleas Get Inside Your Home

Many people are surprised by a flea problem. They mistakenly believe that since they have an indoor cat or a dog that doesn’t interact with other animals that they don’t have to worry about fleas. However, your dog doesn’t have to come in contact with another animal to pick up fleas. Fleas can get inside your home on your pets, your pants, or your shoes.

Fleas are carried into yards by the local wildlife, including:

  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Rodents
  • Stray cats
  • Raccoons

The fleas drop off in your yard or your driveway. As you or your pets walk through the grass, the fleas jump on and get carried inside the house. Once inside, they start looking for their next meal, which is found on you or your pets. We provide effective flea control in Auburndale to help you completely eliminate any pest problem. In addition to effective flea control, we know that as prevalent as fleas can be, rodents can be even more so. Call us today for expert rodent control help.

Indoor Flea Control

It is important to understand that you will only see about five percent of the fleas that are on your pet, so the problem is bigger than you realize. The challenge of eliminating fleas is that the interior of your home, yard, and your pets must be treated at the same time. Products sold over the counter do not fully address the problem, which is the reason fleas always seem to come back when you try to get rid of them on your own.

A coordinated and professional plan is required to fully eliminate each of the lifecycles of a flea. Our highly trained and experienced pest control specialists can help you deal with a flea infestation permanently. We treat all areas of the inside of your home where your pets spend their time, such as the bedroom, living room, and all other areas.

Treating the Exterior of Your Home

Getting rid of the fleas inside your home is not enough to permanently solve your flea problem. You can treat your dog and your house, only to have new fleas picked up in the yard. It is important to treat the yard to eliminate the fleas that are outdoors and prevent new infestations. We offer indoor and outdoor pest control to solve your problem and keep it from coming back.

Prevent Fleas from Invading Your Home

Don't wait until you have a flea infestation to take action. Preventing fleas from entering your home is the best way to keep your family and pets safe from these annoying pests. At Country Boy Pest Control, we offer effective flea control solutions to help you maintain a flea-free environment.

Here are some preventive measures you can take:

  1. Regularly groom your pets: Fleas often hitch a ride on your furry friends. Regularly combing and bathing your pets can help remove any fleas that may be present and prevent them from entering your home.
  2. Keep your yard tidy: Fleas thrive in tall grass and dense vegetation. Regularly mow your lawn, trim bushes, and remove any debris to eliminate potential flea habitats.
  3. Seal entry points: Fleas can enter your home through small cracks and gaps. Inspect your doors, windows, and foundation for any openings and seal them to prevent flea entry.
  4. Wash bedding and linens: If you suspect fleas in your home, wash all bedding, linens, and pet bedding in hot water to kill any fleas or eggs that may be present.
  5. Consult a professional: Our experienced pest control technicians can provide a thorough inspection of your property and recommend the most effective flea control treatments tailored to your specific needs.

By taking these preventive measures, you can minimize the risk of a flea infestation and enjoy a pest-free home. Contact Country Boy Pest Control today to schedule a consultation and protect your home from fleas.

We offer free proposals for fly and flea control in Auburndale that are customized to your needs. We can listen to your concerns, inspect your home, and recommend the most effective methods for completely resolving your problem with fleas, flies, and any other pests that may be destroying the comfort of your home.

Call Country Boy Pest Control LLC. today at (863) 356-1616 to request a free estimate.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the signs of a fly infestation?

Signs of a fly infestation include the presence of maggots, unusual numbers of flies indoors, and the appearance of small dark clusters of spots on walls, which are fly excrement.

How can I prevent flies from entering my home?

To prevent flies from entering your home, make sure to keep doors and windows closed or screened, dispose of garbage regularly, and clean up pet waste promptly. Additionally, consider using fly repellents and keeping food covered.

Do flies pose any health risks?

Yes, flies can pose health risks as they can carry and transmit various diseases, including foodborne illnesses. It's important to address a fly infestation promptly to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

What are the dangers of a flea infestation?

A flea infestation can lead to discomfort for pets and humans due to flea bites. Additionally, fleas can transmit diseases and parasites, making it important to address a flea infestation promptly.

Can fleas survive outdoors?

Yes, fleas can survive outdoors and are often carried into yards by wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, and rodents. It's important to treat both indoor and outdoor areas to effectively eliminate a flea infestation.

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