What to Do When Your Pet Has Fleas (And How to Keep the Itch Away)

Country Boy Pest Control

small brown dog with colorful pillows in the backgroundFleas are a well-known issue among pet lovers, and since they can affect cats, dogs, and pretty much any other warm-blooded animal (read: pet), they tend to cause lots of problems in people's homes. Flea prevention is important, and your veterinarian and/or fellow pet-owners will likely encourage you to choose one and stick to it religiously once you become a pet parent. But what do you do when you already have a flea infestation?

A flea infestation doesn't mean you don't take care of your pet. Perhaps you just recently adopted a dog or cat and didn't realize they had fleas before, or maybe you were a good samaritan and have taken in a pet off the streets. Another potential pathway for fleas to come into your life is by visiting a poorly maintained dog park, or having had your pet get loose and come home with some unwelcome tagalongs. Whatever the circumstances, once you suspect you have fleas on the scene, there are several steps you need to work through.

First, you need to evaluate that fleas are the problem. Simply assuming that itching, scratching, or chewing behavior in your pet is fleas might be a big mistake. Allergies, sickness, or anxiety can cause these same behaviors, so go through a thorough examination, or take your pet to a local veterinarian for a check, to see if fleas are present.

Once you have determined that fleas are indeed the issue, you need to treat your pet first. Multiple brands are available on the current market that can rid your pet of existing fleas, and keep them from coming back, From bath products, to medications that are put on monthly, or even annually, your choices are expansive and you can pick what works best for your pet and your lifestyle. Whatever you choose, be sure the ingredients are safe for your pet (and for you) and that your pet has no adverse reactions after the first treatment.

After treating your pet, you'll need to take care of your house. If you caught the fleas early, you might have come out unscathed, but if your pet has already infested your home, you need to take some special measures. Professional pest control companies are your best resource, as they know how to target the flea issue with high-grade products that are safe and efficient. Professional techs will know where and how, to spray these products to ensure that fleas are eliminated completely. Additionally, you need to take measures to prevent fleas from returning. Your professional techs can do that as well, and oftentimes the spray used to rid your home of fleas will also serve as a deterrent for future infestations. DIY options are available, but are usually short-term, and aren't strong enough keep fleas away entirely.

If you are local to the Central Florida area, Country Boy Pest Control could be the answer you are looking for. We serve clients throughout the Polk County area, and can tackle ANY pest problem, from fleas and ticks, to bees and ants. Whatever your pest problem, we've got you covered. Give us a call for your on-the-spot estimate and let us help you get rid of the fleas fast.

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