Lawn Care Tips for Pest Management at Home

Country Boy Pest Control

Now that Spring is coming to a close, and Summer is just around the corner, many homeowners are revving up their lawn game to prepare for the upcoming season of barbecues, pool parties, and evenings outside with friends and neighbors. Lawn maintenance and landscaping is key to keeping your property looking its best, but did you know it can also be vital to your in-home pest control? While there is no substitute for an ongoing pest management plan with a local professional, there are some things you can do yourself to aid in making the pest control more effective and better keeping bugs at bay all year long. Keep these tips in mind when you head out for your next day of yard work.

Trim back those trees. Keeping tree branches trimmed away from all sides of your home is a huge part of keeping pests away. Bugs obviously nest in the leaves and branches of trees, but so do some rodents (like squirrels!) and if they have an easy bridge from their home to yours, it could mean big problems. By keeping branches several feet away from any surface on the outside of your house, you're less likely to have visitors from those trees inside this summer.

Thin out shrubs. Much like the tree trimming mentioned above, keeping shrubbery and ornamental plants trimmed back and away from your house is key in keeping critters away. Ground insects can use the plants as a way to get into your home through cracks around doors or windows, and once inside, they can wreak havoc. By keeping your shrubs thinned out and clear of the sides of the house, you're better able to see if a pest problem is going on behind the scenes, and bugs are less likely to be able to use the plant as a cover to gain access to the inside.

Choose your plants carefully. Some flowering plants are great at repelling insects naturally...and others actually beckon to the bugs. When landscaping your property, try to opt for choices that will be unattractive to insects and rodents thanks to their taste and/or smell. While they won't bother you, they WILL make sure insects stay far away.

Mulch matters. Mulch is a great way to retain moisture in your plant beds, add an attractive cover for dirt and roots, and give a polished look to your yard. However, the type you choose could have unpleasant consequences if you aren't careful. Untreated mulch made from some types of wood can attract insects (especially termites! Yikes!) and could spell disaster for your house. Look for mulch that is treated and, if possible, speak to the salesperson to find out if it advertises pest prevention.

Of course, if you're looking for assistance in making your lawn and property even more protected from pests this summer season, Country Boy Pest Control is here for you. We offer lawn sprays, ornamental sprays, mosquito control, and more for the areas outside around your home, so your yard and patio will be more enjoyable this season without the hard work of DIY pest management. Give us a call and make your appointment!

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