How to Promote a Pest Free Environment in Your Own Yard

Country Boy Pest Control

While insects in your home are bothersome, they are (usually) a rare occurrence and can be mitigated pretty easily.  However, insects in your yard can be just as frustrating and annoying, but they are a little harder to deal with since you are outside in their territory after all.  However, there are some gentle, safe ways you can promote a pest-free environment in your outside oasis to keep your routine pest control working at its best.

First, consider the types of plants you are using in your landscaping.  Certain types of flowers and trees can repel insects you don't want around. In this same way, there are some that attract specific insects (like bees or butterflies), and they can be a huge asset to your landscaped areas.  Determine your goals for the space, and then research plants, trees, and grasses that will help you easily achieve those desires.

Secondly, do a scan of your yard to look for "problem areas".  Planters, pots, or birdbaths holding standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and can also attract a horde of thirsty insects, especially with drought conditions like what we're currently facing here in Central Florida.  Look for areas of overgrown weeds or too-tall grass, since this environment will welcome pests of all kinds, including rodents.  Rotting lumber, overturned tables and yard furniture, etc. can be a great place for bees, spiders, and more, so keep your yard tidy and throw out broken or rotting items quickly before they cause problems.

Finally, consider some out-of-the-box alternatives if your pest issue has gotten out of hand.  Having terrible mosquito problems?  A Mistaway system could be right for you. Just like your irrigation sprinklers, the treatment is misted into the air on timer-regulated heads, and the formula will fight against mosquitoes taking over your outdoor space.  In this same way, bee removal, yard sprays (for ant control) and more are available to you through us!

Country Boy is proud to serve the Polk County community with top-quality pest control services of all kinds.  We will offer you an on the spot estimate of your custom pest control plan, to keep your outdoor living space enjoyable and pest-free.  Don't let unwanted critters ruin your summer fun.  Give us a call and we'll get started right away!

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