Know Before You Buy: How Inspections Prevent Costly Mistakes

wood beams in an attic

Here in Central Florida, real estate is a hot commodity.  With a thriving local scene in the nearby Lakeland area, and two large, sister cities of Orlando and Tampa, there is no shortage of business opportunity.  Tourist attractions, wildlife viewing, beaches, and more beckon to people from all over the US, and we have plenty of "snowbirds" who buy homes here for their winter residence.  Even full-time FL residents have the need to downsize for retirement, or upsize for a growing family, and face having to shop around for the best housing option to meet their needs.  Many times, this comes with a home inspection, which essentially helps you determine if the house is safe for you to purchase and live in. However, this inspection checklist does not cover pests and that could leave you with a world of hurt if you don't inspect the bug situation in your potential dream home.

Pest issues go beyond the annoyance of an occasional cockroach or ant invasion.  Pests such as termites can actually cause severe damage to the structure of the home, without you even knowing they are there!  While a home inspector does check for structural integrity, he won't be looking for pests.  Your house might be strong at the time of purchase, but 2 years down the line when you have severe damage to the woodwork under your home, you'll be the one footing the bill since many homeowners insurance policies don't cover termite damage.

So, how can you protect your current home, or have the peace of mind that you aren't buying a pest-infected home next time around?  The answer is simple.  If you're in the Polk County area, call Country Boy.  We offer termite inspection services and we can thoroughly examine both the interior and exterior of your home, or the house you're looking to buy.  If there is a problem and we detect it early enough, you could prevent expensive damage from ruining your house.  Not only can we inspect for termites, but we can offer preventative treatments to keep them from taking over in the first place.

If you are ready to sell your current home or are looking to buy another, we are ready to help you!  Give us a call!

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