Love Your Landscaping: How to Have A Beautiful Yard in Florida

green grass

Central Florida is not an incredibly easy area for gardening. If you don’t do your research, you could end up wasting a lot of money on plants that either won’t survive, or on water and supplements to keep said plants alive. However, we understand that homeowners want a beautiful, landscaped yard that gives their home curb appeal and offers enjoyment for visitors, so below are some tips to help you create a yard of your dreams that will fit right into our Polk County climate.

Beat the Heat

It’s no secret that Central Florida is HOT, especially during the summer months we're in right now. Even the most hearty plants can struggle in the climate, so when choosing plants for your landscaping, pick native Floridian foliage as much as possible. These plants are accustomed to the weather, and offer the best chance of survival during the brutal heat without having to constantly worry about extra water. Note: You will need to water them, just not in excess as you might have to with plants not native to our area. Watering should be done in the cooler early morning or evening hours when it has time to absorb into the soil instead of immediately evaporating. This will make the most of your water supply instead of wasting it and costing your more money.

Down and Dirty

Get to know the soil in your own yard! More often than not in Polk County, it’s going to be a sandy texture, which means you need to choose plants that will thrive in that environment if you want to put very little work into your landscaping. If you want more variety, and are willing to put in the effort, you can enhance your soil composition with composting, fertilizer, and supplements (and a few loads of gardening soil). Keep in mind, your type of grass, the various plants you chose for landscaping, etc. will affect what types of additions you need to make to your soil.

Strategy is Key

When arranging your plants, go for a variety of sizes and textures to keep things interesting and visually appealing. You also need to strategize which plants can handle direct sun all the time, and which ones need some relief every now and then. Plan accordingly and make sure that the more sensitive plants are placed where there are periods of shade throughout the day. This is best done by watching the light patterns in your yard throughout the day, and noting which areas are sunny all day long. Those are the areas that are least friendly to plants, and are where you need to put only the most hearty and drought-friendly foliage.

Pest Protection

Central Floridian gardens are very susceptible to pest issues, and oftentimes these tiny invaders are the reason for homeowners losing their precious plants. Some things are a good idea to DIY, but pest control is NOT. Many of the pest species native to this area are hearty, difficult to get rid of and control, and can overtake a garden before you even realize there is a problem (and by then it is too late). You need a professional service that is trained and equipped for landscaping pest prevention and protection.

If you live in or around Polk County, FL, call the expert technicians at Country Boy Pest Control. We can evaluate your yard and garden area, determine the best plan of action to keep your space pest-free and beautiful and make sure you are covered all year long. We work as a team with you to make sure your landscaping is always at its best.

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