Air Out Your Lawn: Lawn Aeration Service from Country Boy

green grass

We all know how important air is for us as humans.  Breathing is pretty important for living things, and without the air, breathing just wouldn't happen!  But, did you know that your lawn needs air too?  And not just from the surface.  Even the roots can use a good dose of clean air every now and then.

Confused yet?  Not to worry!  We'll explain it to you.

To allow air (and water and nutrients) to reach the roots of your lawn, many professionals recommend having your lawn "aerated" at least once each year.  Basically, aerating is a process of systematically making small holes in your lawn by cutting out little plugs of grass and soil in a predetermined "grid" type pattern using a piece of equipment called an "aerator".  This not only allows all the "good stuff" to reach the roots of your lawn, but it also prevents soil compaction in your yard.  If your soil becomes compacted it can lead to poor growth for your grass and your plants in the long term, so you want to do your best to prevent it.

Aerating is not a quick process, or an easy one.  So why take the time and effort to do it yourself?  Country Boy Pest Control offers lawn aeration services, and our pricing starts as low as $150 for up to a 4,000 square foot yard, so you can't go wrong by getting an estimate from us.  We can handle the labor while you stay inside enjoying the AC.

If you want to give your lawn an extra boost, we also offer fertilizing treatments and pest control.  We will help you keep your grass looking green, healthy and ready to enjoy!

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