Max Out Your Mosquito Control with These 3 Tips from Country Boy

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Max Out Your Mosquito Control with These 3 Tips from Country Boy

When you pay for a product or service, you want maximum efficacy, right? No one wants a grill that only works sometimes, or AC that goes in and out as frequently as Florida's summer storms. The same is true of your pest control; you want it to work all the time, and work well. When you trust Country Boy Pest Control, that's the kind of service you receive.

Mosquito management is a service heavily relied on here in Polk County. With all of the lakes, retention ponds, and standing water, mosquitoes thrive in our warm, humid weather. We regularly spray the yards, parking lots, and patio areas of local homes and businesses. Did you know though, there are things you can do to make mosquito management even more effective?

There are! Make the most of your mosquito control treatments with these 3 tips from the experts at Country Boy!

  1. Get rid of the source! Standing water is necessary for mosquitoes to reproduce. While you can't do anything about the lakes or retention ponds in your area, you can certainly remove standing water in your own yard. This includes emptying flower pots, sliding boards, children's toys, kiddie pools, and even pet bowls following rain. When you get rid of the standing water, you prevent the next generation of bloodsuckers from taking over your yard.
  2. Trim grass, trees, and shrubs regularly! Overgrown greenery is the perfect place to hide mosquitoes during the heat of the day. Just like you, these sneaky insects avoid the midday sun and prefer to come out in the morning or in the evening. If you keep greenery trimmed and manageable, you're more likely to keep a handle on the mosquito population in your yard. Our direct spray treatments target these green areas, and the more we can access the more effective your treatment will be!
  3. Make it a group effort! Talk to your neighbors and give them our card! If all the homes on your street invest in mosquito treatments and pest management, you're more likely to reap the benefits. While our treatments can and do work solo, the results are magnified when multiple homes in the same area opt for the same plan.

Take back your backyard with Country Boy Pest Control. Our mosquito removal and control services extend throughout the greater Polk County area. You can count on us for quality, personal, and professional pest services at both the residential and commercial levels. Call us to schedule your quote!

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