Bring on The Bugs: Summer's Arrival in Florida

Bed Bugs crawling in Mattress

As we have closed out the month of May and welcomed June, it's pretty much assumed at this point that we are officially in "summer" mode. In Florida, that means more than the end of school and planning for also means hurricane season, routine thunderstorms, and HEAT. This is the perfect breeding conditions for infestations of all kinds, and if you aren't actively protecting your home against them, you could end up with lots of unwelcome visitors this season.

How exactly can summer put your home at risk?

Hurricanes. June 1st marked the kickoff of hurricane season 2021, and while there are no storms on the radar right now, we all know that can change in a matter of days. Hurricanes bring wind and rain, and there aren't many creatures who enjoy these conditions. Insects and rodents alike will seek shelter, and if your home isn't currently under a pest management program, your home could look like the perfect opportunity for a place to ride out the storm. Making sure any and all openings are protected with covers and/or wire mesh, having proper seals on your doors and windows, and being up to date with both interior and exterior treatments are all important parts of keeping the pests OUT when storms roll IN.

Thunderstorms. Florida is known for its afternoon thunderstorms during the summer months. The lightning is impressive, but the RAIN is what really stands out. It can go from sunny to monsoon in a matter of seconds, and all that water sends the bugs running, right into your house. Ants, roaches, and spiders will find their way into your house via your garage, windows and doors, or even plumbing (yikes) in extreme circumstances. What's more, heavy rain and retained moisture leave wood damp, and that is an invitation to pests like termites. Staying on top of your home's termite inspections and treatments is especially important during these rainy summer months.

Heat. The Sunshine State got its name for a reason. The sun is intense, and our summers are hot. These extreme temperatures can leave critters desperate for a place to find shade and cool air. Patios and garages are popular places for these pests to congregate, and unfortunately if you've opted for DIY pest control, you likely left these areas off your radar. Keeping porches, patios, pool decks, and garages treated and maintained are an important part of your pest prevention plan.

Country Boy Pest Control protects your ENTIRE home and property, and our extensive list of services make sure you're ready for summer in Florida. Lawn and ornamental sprays, interior and exterior treatments, bee removal, rodent elimination and prevention, and termite inspections are just a few of the ways we keep your home or business safe and pest free, no matter the conditions outside. Our affordable, friendly pest control service is trusted by clients throughout the Polk County area and beyond. Call us to schedule your estimate!

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