Summer Break Is Over…Mosquito Season Is Not

Country Boy Pest Control

Summer break is drawing to a close this week, and kids all over Polk County will be hitting the classroom on Monday to kick off a brand new school year. With the season changing and school back in session, your backyard might not be getting as much action as it did when the kids were home every day, but the mosquitoes don't know that! Mosquito season in Florida lasts well into the Fall months, and sometimes all year long (while certain times are worse than others) and your backyard will still be populated with biting, disease-carrying intruders who will make life miserable each time you step out the door if given the opportunity. While your kids might not be lounging in the pool or hanging out on the playset each afternoon, you still have to walk to the mailbox, water your plants, take care of your garden, and handle outdoor chores, and having mosquitoes taking over your space isn't ideal.

The good news is, they don't have to!

Country Boy Pest Control wants to remind you that our direct spray mosquito treatments are available, and important, all year long. Why invest in treatments even after summer is over?

Ultimately, you get more effective, long-term results. Once you start treating your outdoor space, you see a continual decrease is mosquito activity for the first few months, eventually seeing little to no mosquito presence at all. While even the very first treatment is highly effective, to enjoy maximum benefit you need to have the treatments done on schedule, and keep them going so you don't have to start all over again next summer.

Additionally, continuing to treat the problem means you don't have to mentally get into/out of the routine of battling mosquito issues in your yard. Homeowners who only get treatment during the summer months enjoy having time to head out into the yard, have a neighborhood barbecue, or mow the lawn, without having to worry about candles, sprays, or foggers beforehand. It's easy to fall out of the routine, and then be quickly reminded that you cancelled your routine spraying service when you head outside without the above-mentioned items and come in covered in itchy, red bites. Continuing your treatments annually ensures that you never have to worry about stocking up on insect repellent or citronella candles because you've prevented mosquitos in the first place!

As your kids head back to school, we know routines will change...but don't let your pest control be one of them. From household pest management to routine mosquito spray treatments, Country Boy Pest Control is here to keep your home comfortable and critter-free year round. All you have to worry about is enjoying the school year with your kids.

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