Get A “Leg Up” on Your Centipede Problem: How Country Boy Can Help

Country Boy Pest Control

Central Florida is a hot spot for pest issues, since we have a mild climate year-round, and our temperatures have a "tropical" feel where most bugs feel right at home.  Unfortunately, this means we end up with a year-round pest problem.  Pests such as roaches, ants, spiders, etc. are all a continual issue for many homeowners, and the common house centipede is no exception.

Common centipedes are long, somewhat flat, and can measure over an inch long.  Long, slender (threadlike) legs are distributed in pairs of 2 over 15 segments of the insect's body, and have black and white bands.  The centipede's body is usually brownish in color, with varying brown stripes down the length of it.  With large, well-developed eyes and the ability to grab prey and inject venom with a bite, these little guys are actually "helpful" in the environment since they feed on other pests.  However, they aren't terribly efficient, and can be more of a nuisance than a help if in your home.

Common house centipedes aren't dangerous, as their bite will cause little more than some localized, minor pain for humans.  As with any insect bite, allergic reaction and/or secondary infection is always a risk, so keep a close eye on any type of bite site from bugs in and around your home.  Still, even though their bite is not overly dangerous, they are an unwanted squatter in your home, and are a less-than-thrilling surprise to find running through your kitchen, or coming up your sink drains.

Country Boy Pest Control can help you eliminate your centipede problem while getting rid of a variety of other common Polk County pests as well!  We come to your home and give you an estimate on the spot, and can help you determine which contract and/or treatments are right for you.  Our goal is to have you pest-free in as little time as possible by customizing options for you.

Get a "leg up" on the centipedes in your home and call Country Boy!  We will have them cleared out in no time.

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