Mice in Your Home: How Does It Happen?

Country Boy Pest Control

Mice are a common issue here in Central Florida, and once they find a way into your home, it's difficult to get rid of them on your own.  Unfortunately, when we show up to help with a mice infestation, we often find homeowners scratching their heads wondering how they ended up with the problem in the first place.  Having mice in your home carries a stigma of your house being "dirty", when in reality, people with very clean homes can still end up with a mouse issue.  So, how do mice manage to take over a house?

Well, mice can fit through spaces much smaller than what you might expect.  Because of the structure of their bodies, they can maneuver in between pipes and through holes to access the walls of your home, and once inside, they usually make a comfy nesting area for themselves and can then reproduce at a rapid enough rate to exceed numbers of 200 within just a few months.

Common spaces where mice find their way inside include...

  • Areas where doors and/or windows don't seal well
  • Holes around dryer vents, stove pipes, etc.
  • Through drainage pipes that weren't sealed correctly (mice can come through tub/sink/shower drains)
  • Gaps in ceilings or around baseboards
  • Cracks in a home's foundation

To keep mice from entering your home, check around doors and windows and repair/replace parts as needed to ensure that they seal properly.  Patch up any holes or gaps in walls, ceilings, and floors, and have your foundation checked and repaired as needed.  If you think that the plumbing is an issue, it might be worth having a plumber come out and check up on the drainage pipes, since that's something better handled by a professional.

Think you already have an infestation?  Finding chewed up cords/wires, or holes chewed into food storage boxes, is a key sign that you have some unwelcome visitors.  Droppings often found in cabinets, pantries, or closets is additional evidence that you need professional help to get rid of your mouse problem.  The good news is, Country Boy has you covered.  We can come to your Polk County home and give you an estimate on the spot, and customize a plan that fits your specific pest and rodent control needs.  Using a system of baits and traps, we can begin to eliminate the population of mice that have taken over your space, and by fixing entrance points and getting rid of attractions (like food that isn't stored properly) we can keep them from coming back.

Don't let mice have control over your home and your life.  Give us a call and let us help you take your house back!