Honeybees: Springtime Swarms, Backyard Safety, and Your Local Pest Professionals


As Spring draws nearer in Florida, we're all gearing up for school vacations spent at the beach, enjoying days off by the pool, and coming out of hiding after this Winter's cooler-than-average temps. What you might not notice is that your trees and flowers are gearing up for Spring too, and as the nectar starts to flow, the insects will head your way! Few insects love nectar as much as bees, and since they work hard to produce one of OUR favorite byproducts (who doesn't love honey on toast??) we think it's important that you know how to handle these little guys if they show up in your yard.

Honeybees very often swarm around this time of year, and on into the spring months. A swarm can look intimidating, as it usually covers a large portion of a tree brand, a doorway, or even the front of your car. Looks can be deceiving though, and as long as you give them plenty of space, these bees are happy to leave you alone and enjoy a short rest before they move on to find a place to establish their new hive. Swarms aren't usually dangerous, as the bees are more interested in protecting their queen and finding a home rather than defending territory, so you have no need to fear them.

What do you do though, if the swarm is in an inconvenient or problematic place for you, your family, or your business?

Remember, don't panic. Swarms often stay in their position for a short time before moving on. If it seems like they're sticking around, that's when it's a good idea to call in the pros (like your local team at Country Boy Pest Control) to get some insight as to what the next steps should be. NEVER spray the bees with insecticide, or attempt to disturb or move them yourself. This is not only dangerous for you and will most likely result in you being stung, but it can also harm the bees and/or destroy their colony. When you call in a team of professionals, we'll assess the situation, and then decide if further action is needed. If the swarm is preventing access to your home, near a playground or daycare, or is disrupting your business, we will work with local beekeepers to relocate the colony where they can enjoy building a new hive, pollinating local plants, and producing delicious honey.

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