Beat the Itch this Summer with Country Boy!

Beat the Itch this Summer with Country Boy!

Summer means backyard bbqs by the pool, time at the beach, nights on the patio with neighbors and...


If you live in Florida, you know all too well the sensation of coming in after hours of fun outdoors and feeling the familiar itch begin on your legs, your arms, and even your face. Mosquitoes are relentless, and their bite leaves you with itchy, red welts anywhere skin was exposed during your time outside. Their tiny size and huge numbers make it nearly impossible to get away from them, and commercial, topical "preventatives" only go so far. Not all mosquitoes are awful though...only the females! Males feed only on nectar and don't bite humans OR animals, but those females? They're the ones that leave you scratching to the point of insanity. Their needle-like mouthparts actually inject you with a small bit of their saliva when they feed on your blood. That itch you feel is a mild allergic reaction to that saliva, and is why your skin swells and reddens at the site of the bite. Sounds like something from a horror show, right??

Luckily, you don't have a reason to fear when Country Boy Pest Control is on the scene. Our direct spray mosquito control treatments keep your yard, patio, pool area, and porches free and clear of mosquitoes all summer long. This treatment targets mosquitoes in areas where they rest during the day, wiping them out in large numbers before they have a chance to bite. We target shrubs, low-hanging trees, dense foliage along your perimeter, grasses, and more. The treatments don't affect any of your plants, and are safe for the leaves, flowers, and your lawn. It directly affects mosquitoes ONLY. Our team will also offer pointers that discourage mosquito populations from growing on your property (like getting rid of standing water!) so you are on your way to mosquito-free fun faster. It's the best way to enjoy bite-free fun in your own backyard.

Sound like the miracle you've been waiting for? Call us! Country Boy Pest Control serves commercial and residential clients throughout Central Florida from our home office located in Auburndale, Florida. We travel to Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, and beyond to provide top-quality pest control services for our clients. We'll come out and offer a FREE estimate on mosquito removal and prevention, indoor pest control, outdoor pest management, and more.

Beat the itch and enjoy your summer with Country Boy!