Christmas Cheer After A Hard Year

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Christmas Cheer After A Hard Year: Spread Joy to Your Neighbors with These Holiday Decor Tips

When it comes to Christmas decorations, people usually fall somewhere in between two points on this spectrum: outdoor extravaganza or no Christmas lights outside at all. No matter where you fall on the scale, it's no secret that Christmas lights are a favorite pastime, from small communities to the big city, and Polk County is no exception. Lakeland, Winter Haven, and even nearby Tampa and Orlando are known for having impressive commercial light displays, in addition to homeowners who have developed a reputation for their cheery and bright decor. Even if you don't choose to go all out, adding a little bit of seasonal fun to your home's exterior is a great way to spread Christmas spirit, and this year more than ever before, that could be a big deal to you AND to passerby.

Here are our three favorite ideas for fun and affordable outdoor decor as you deck the halls for Christmas:

  1. Every tree can be a Christmas tree. Even if you can't adorn each shrub and tree in tightly wound lights, you can easily (and cheaply) decorate the trees in front of or around your home with a strand or two of inexpensive lights, and some large-scale ornaments found at your discount or dollar store. These ornaments are easily hung in branches with simple fishing line and they add a fun pop of interest to the branches (or palm fronts!). Turn your front yard into a holiday wonderland by making EVERY tree a Christmas tree, and placing some fun treats or goodies for neighbors underneath for a socially distanced, drive-by holiday party. Your friendly smile and a "Merry Christmas" from your front porch is sure to brighten their season.
  2. Make it a musical. So, you've put out lights, a few fun lawn ornaments, and still aren't feeling as festive as you were hoping? Add some Christmas tunes to your setup this year! A simple speaker or two can easily be placed on a front porch, or, even in the edge of an open garage, and used to spread Christmas magic through song. Choose upbeat, classic carrolls that will add a little bit of happiness and normalcy to this Christmas as your friends and neighbors drive or walk by. Are you REALLY feeling adventurous? Look for online tutorials for setting up your lights and timers to go along with the music for your own private holiday show.
  3. Go big! Sometimes less is more...and sometimes you want BIG impact from your holiday decor. If this is the year you're ready to supersize your curb appeal, there are a lot of great options! Large-scale inflatable Christmas decor is popular now and can be found at any big box or hardware store. From giant, working snowglobes to fun and familiar movie characters, you're sure to find something that makes you smile and gives your neighbors a chuckle. When it comes to Christmas inflatables, the bigger the better!

We hope you'll take time to reflect this year on what really matters, and enjoy the holiday season for all it's meant to be: a time to celebrate peace, hope, joy, love, and be thankful for our blessings and the ones we care about most. While 2020 has certainly been less than ideal, we believe that spreading kindness this Christmas is a great way to bring joy to yourself at the same time, and will make this holiday one to be remembered for the right reasons. Country Boy Pest Control is thankful for each client, friend, and neighbor we are privileged to serve here in Polk and Highlands counties, and we send our warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas for you and your family.