Valentine's Day 2021: Safely Celebrating the Ones You Love

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With just a few days until Valentine's Day, many of us are busy making preparations for showing the ones we love just how much we care. It's no secret though that this year's holiday looks different than years past. No crowded restaurants, no big parties, no surprise cruises or last-minute vacations and no large-scale community events will be making their way onto the calendar. However, the reason for the day still rings true, and it's a good reminder that love isn't something you buy, but rather, something you show...and you can show it in SO many ways.

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate (safely) with the ones you care about most this holiday, whether it's your sweetheart, your kids, or someone else that's special in your life:

  • Do a "ding-dong and dash" surprise! This could be dropping off dinner, a homemade valentine card, a special dessert, or a bouquet of roses, but the idea is to ring the doorbell, and run away quickly after leaving the surprise at the recipient's front door. This is a fun way to show your love to an aging parent or loved one stuck at home, or to surprise someone who is currently in quarantine and can't celebrate the way they usually would.
  • Classic candy and cards...with a twist! While we all remember exchanging homemade valentine's and treats with our classmates, teachers, or coworkers in years past, this year the tradition might need a little tweaking. Instead of homemade goodies that could seem risky to some people, opt for store-bought candies or treats that are safely and individually wrapped. Put plenty of extra effort into your homemade card to give it the unique and special element that the treat will be missing this holiday!
  • Make early reservations, or enjoy a candlelight dinner at home. Restaurant reservations will fill more quickly than usual this year since most dining spaces are operating at limited capacity. Reserve your table as soon as possible, or make plans for a romantic dinner with candles for your sweetie at home. A simple setup on your own patio makes it feel more special than eating at the kitchen table, and if you add in takeout from their favorite place and a decadent dessert, they're sure to be just as happy as they would be in a 5-star local eatery!
  • Give back! Showing love to others is one of the best ways you can celebrate the holiday of love. Many community charities are in need right now, and donating to a local food pantry or shelter, or volunteering your time and energy (if you feel safe to do so) is a wonderful way to love those around you and bring yourself tons of joy in the process.

From all of us at Country Boy Pest Control, Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you can use these tips and tricks to show the people around you how much you care this holiday, even if it's from a distance!

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