Pets and Pests Don't Mix: 3 Florida Pests That Can Seriously Injure Your Pet...or Worse

Country Boy Pest Control

cat and dog in the grassPets are an important part of any family, and while they come in all shapes and sizes, cats and dogs are your typical choice when it comes to choosing an animal pal for your home. It's no surprise why they get chosen most often. They're cuddly, cute, and a great companion for adults and kids alike. Unfortunately, they're also very curious, and no matter the breed, cats and dogs are known for getting into trouble when given the opportunity. In Florida, that curiosity can, quite literally, be what kills the cat (or dog) thanks to several species that come into contact with family pets on a relatively regular basis.

Here are three Florida pests to keep an eye out for, and keep your pet FAR away from when they come near your home:

  1. Cuban Tree Frogs. This invasive species is not only annoying, hanging out on the outside of your home leaving a trail of excrement behind, but they are also dangerous for your pet. These frogs are toxic to dogs and cats if ingested, and because they are everywhere in Central Florida, it's hard to find a home where they won't come into contact with pets. Your local pest management team (like Country Boy) can offer some tips on getting rid of the ones you find around your home. Just give us a call.
  2. Coral Snakes. "Red on Yellow, kill a fellow"...and that fellow's furry friend. Coral snakes are more common than you realize, but aren't usually in the spotlight where they come into contact with humans. Thanks to the curiosity of your pet though, they are risky business. Places your pet likes to snoop (like under the porch or around debris piles) are great hangouts for these snakes, and one bite can easily be fatal in a short amount of time. Keep areas around the outside of your home clear of debris, and have barriers to prevent your pet from getting up under porches, decks, home foundations, etc.
  3. Bees and Wasps. This one isn't always deadly, but it can be. Even if multiple stings from these insects don't kill your pet, they will leave it in a significant amount of pain. Ground dwelling species (like the yellow jacket) are the worst, since one sneaky snout poking into their nest is enough to send them out in droves. Your pooch (since dogs are most often the ones stung) will end up with several stings on the face at best, leading to pain, swelling, and possible allergic complications. Keep an eye on your pet when they're outside, and stay up to date on your pest control plan to make sure your yard doesn't become a hazard.

Country Boy Pest Control cares about our clients and their families, pets included. That's why we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor treatments that are pet safe, and we do our best to remove any known risks from your property such as fire ants, bees, yellow jackets, etc. We also offer flea removal and prevention plans, to keep your home flea-free and comfortable for your animals. Give us a call for your free estimate!

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