Feline Fleas? Find Out If Your Kitty Is Infested, and What to Do About It

black and white image of a cat's face

Feline fleas are a topic not well-known among many pet lovers, since fleas are often associated with furry friends of the canine variety.  While dogs seem to get fleas more often, cats are just as susceptible to these pests, and can be tormented for weeks before you know what's going on.  However, if you pay attention closely, there are signs you can watch for to give you a heads up that your cat might have something more than an occasional itch going on.

Watch for The Obvious

Of course, fleas mean itching and that means intense scratching by your cat.  Excessive scratching is a pretty standard sign of flea infestation, and while it can also point to skin allergies or some other health condition, many times continual itching ends up being flea related.  Additionally, biting at their skin or lots of grooming (way more than usual) can be subtle signs of fleas on your kitty as well.

Mood Swings

If your cat is overly agitated, restless, and/or "on edge", it can be a sign that something is off in their world, and that "something" could be fleas.  If you were constantly itchy, and incapable of ridding yourself of the cause, consider what your mood would be like.  Your cat is no different.  If you notice that your cat has a bad case of the grumps, it might be worth checking for fleas.  Also, watch for odd behaviors (like avoiding certain portions of your home that are carpeted) since cats will sometimes associated parts of the home with the fleas, and begin avoiding that space.

Physical Evidence

Actually seeing the evidence of fleas for yourself is a surefire way to know whether or not your cat has a flea problem.  On your cat's fur, look for pepper-like specs, or even reddish-brown insects (about the size of a pin-head) crawling in your cat's hair.  Also keep an eye out for red spots on your cat's bedding as this can be another sign that fleas are hanging out on your kitty.

If you suspect your cat has a case of fleas, give Country Boy a call as soon as possible.  Once fleas are on your pet, they can also spread throughout your home in a very short amount of time.  They can infest furniture, carpet, bedding, and more, so they're nothing to joke around with.  We can come in and help treat your home, your yard, and give you tips on treating your pet, to get rid of your flea problem and keep it from coming back!

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