Fleas Don’t Flee: Why Year-Round Flea Prevention Is Important

Country Boy Pest Control

black and white illustrated silhouettes of a dog and catMany people believe that during the winter months, insects such as fleas “disappear”, and because of that, they take a break from giving their pets a flea prevention medication. Unfortunately, this can lead to disaster, especially here in Central Florida.

During the winter, Polk County doesn’t typically get very cold, at least not for long periods of time.  However, some pet owners still think that pulling their pets from flea and tick prevention is a way to save money, not even realizing that they could end up costing themselves ten times more over the long term with the entrance of just a few fleas into their home while their guard is down.

Because fleas have the ability to lie dormant for a period of time, pet owners may not even realize that the pests have invaded their home until it’s too late.  Once they are inside your home though, removing them can be incredibly difficult, and is something that more often than not, requires a professional.

Removing fleas after they have taken up residence in your house requires treating your home, your yard, and your pet.  It is time consuming and extensive, and as mentioned above, it will likely end up costing you way more than your pets’ monthly flea and tick treatment would have in the first place.

So this winter, we encourage you to keep your pets on their typical flea and tick prevention.  If you are looking for more cost effective methods of prevention, or want an easier way to keep up with all the monthly medical treatments for your pets, there are many combination medications on the market today that prevent heartworms, fleas, ticks, and many other parasites that can harm cats and/or dogs.

If your pet has been off of prevention, and you are worried that fleas may have made your house their home, call Country Boy Pest Control.  We serve homes throughout Polk County, and we will come out and evaluate your situation and help formulate a plan to treat it quickly and efficiently.  We offer flea treatments for your home and yard that are not only effective, but also safe, so don’t hesitate to let us help you!

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