Boring Beetles are not “boring” at all!

Country Boy Pest Control

ArborJet logoHere in Polk County, our trees are very important additions to our property. They provide shade from the bright (and HOT) Central Florida sun, they give aesthetic appeal to the area around our homes, and some even provide fruits for us to enjoy! Unfortunately, Florida has a wide variety of insects that can wreak havoc on our trees if they are left untreated or if the trees are not properly cared for.

One of the biggest threats to trees here in Florida is the Boring Beetle. Named for its primary talent of boring holes into trees (not for its level of interest), Boring Beetles can destroy a tree quickly if not taken care of. These insects do not usually infest a healthy tree, but rather, they target trees that are sick or dying. So, the best way to prevent an infestation of Boring Beetles in your tree is to keep your tree healthy and strong, and make sure it’s pre-treated to protect against pests such as the Boring Beetle.

Country Boy Pest Control is “armed and ready” to protect your trees against not only pests such as the Boring Beetle, but also against disease and nutrient deficiencies. We use a system called “Arborjet”. Essentially, Arborjet is an IV system for trees. Treatment is injected directly into the vascular system of the tree, where it is quickly transported throughout the entire tree from the inside out. This ensures that ALL of the tree is protected against disease and insects that run rampant on Central Floridian foliage and can also be used to inject vital nutrients into your tree’s system.

If you love your trees and want to protect the investment you have made in them, give Country Boy a call and let us bring Arborjet to you!

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