Battling Bedbugs

Country Boy Pest Control

What likes to drink blood, and only comes out at night to feed? While “vampire” might be a good guess, that would be incorrect!  We are talking about bedbugs!

Bedbugs are sneaky little survivalists and can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.  In between their nocturnal feedings on their host (like YOU), they hide out of sight for several days at a time, digesting, mating, and reproducing.  This means you can have quite an infestation before you ever know anything is going on!

Favorite hiding spots for bedbugs can range from the crevices of your mattress to the space behind wallpaper.  They can survive temperatures ranging from nearly freezing to 122 degrees, making them nearly impossible to get rid of with a DIY treatment. Bedbugs require bringing in the big guns, such as the professionals as Country Boy Pest Control.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of a bedbug infestation is the elusive personality of this insect. Many who have experienced infestation saw few, if any, actual bedbugs until they were overrun with them.  Those who fear they have an infestation should look for the “signs” that these little creatures have been on the move in their home. These signs can include:

  • Small, itchy, raised welts (the bite site) oftentimes spaced close together in rows of 3.
  • Tiny blood spots on bedsheets.
  • Molted skins in areas such as mattress creases, behind headboards, and along baseboards.

If you think you may have a bedbug infestation (or any infestation), call Country Boy Pest Control right away and let us help you clear your home of these tiny invaders!

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