St. Patrick's Day: The Backstory

Dog In St. Patrick's Day Costume

St. Patrick's Day, or The Feast of St. Patrick, is a well-known holiday, known for fun (and sometimes crazy) parties all over the United States. Shamrocks are abundant and you'll be seeing in the color green just about everywhere you go on March 17th. However, many people celebrate the holiday without ever knowing WHY they are celebrating or WHAT the traditions mean. We're here to put those questions to rest.

What is St. Patrick's Day, Besides a Party?

St. Patricks' Day is when people, specifically those of Irish descent, recognize and remember St. Patrick, a historical figure of religious significance in Ireland. The day was traditionally celebrated as a feast day by those of the Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Lutheran churches.

Who Was Saint Patrick?

St. Patrick was thought to be born in Roman Britain to a wealthy family in the fourth century.  He was kidnapped by Irish raiders at age 16 and sold as a slave. He served as a shepherd in Gaelic Ireland for 6 years, and during that time, it is historically said that he "found God". According to the story, God told him to flee to the coast where a ship would be waiting to take him home. Once he made his way home, Patrick became a priest, and later returned to Ireland to convert the pagan society to Christianity. During his ministry, he converted thousands, and tradition holds that he passed away on March 17th.

Why All the Shamrocks?

According to the historical tales, St. Patrick used clover, a three-leaf plant, to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.

Saints and Parties?

Traditionally, the Feast of St. Patrick was the one day that the restrictions of Lent were lifted, and people could indulge in the things they had given up, including alcoholic beverages. It was a time to honor and celebrate the patron saint Patrick and remember what he did for the Irish people. Today, St. Patricks Day is used as a huge marketing holiday for many foods and beverage (specifically beer) companies since the day is celebrated with large parties around the world. They take advantage of the concept of "abundance" and extravagance that has come to be associated with St. Patricks' day.

So, this St. Patrick's Day, go green on March 17th knowing exactly why you're wearing those sparkly shamrock glasses and enjoying a fun party with your friends. If your streak of luck ends and pests take over the party, don't panic! Whether the dog brought fleas to the party, or ants have taken over the cake in the kitchen, your team at Country Boy Pest Control is here to come to your rescue. Call us for any pest problem, big or small, and see why Polk County home and business owners choose us first.

Happy St. Patty's Day!