Spring into A Clean Routine! 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh All Year Long

Spring into A Clean Routine! 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh All Year Long

Now that April has arrived, many people are eyeballing their homes with the recognition that it's time for a big session of Spring Cleaning. While some jobs are time consuming and require more work (like cleaning out your garage or organizing your kids' closets) your cleaning routine doesn't have to be something you dread. Keeping your home tidy and fresh is easy when you develop a system that is simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, FAST.

Our top 5 Spring Cleaning tips aren't just for April! Keep this routine going all year long so your home feels fresh and welcoming every time you walk through the door.

  1. Get the garbage OUT! This is a huge part of keeping your home smelling (and feeling) clean. Empty all garbage cans each day (not just the kitchen/main can!) and take trash to the outside bin. For an added dose of freshness, place a cotton ball with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, OR a single fabric softener dryer sheet, in the bottom of the can before you re-line with a new bag. It will provide a light burst of a clean smell each time you open the lid. Remember, garbage can attract bugs you don't want in your home, so this tip is important!
  2. Stay on top of laundry. When dirty laundry piles up, it doesn't just look bad...it smells bad too, and can invite roaches to hide out in the folds of your clothing or wet towels. For most families, just one load a day is enough to keep the piles from taking over your laundry room or bedroom closet, and can make the job of keeping your home clean a bit more manageable. Even the youngest children can help sort towels or their own clothing, so make it a family affair!
  3. Dish duty after every meal. When you leave dishes piled in the sink or on your counters, not only is it a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, but it also leads to some seriously unpleasant smells in your kitchen and can invite bugs to enjoy your leftovers. Unload the dishwasher each morning, or at night before bed, so you always have a place to put dishes as they're used throughout the day. For dishes that can't be placed in the washer, making the process of hand-scrubbing easier with a fun-scented dish soap, a comfortable, easy-to-use brush or sponge, and some colorful gloves to protect your hands. If you have to wash, at least make it more enjoyable!
  4. Take time to pay attention to the toilets. The toilet is a common place of icky smells and yucky grime, so cleaning it regularly is key to keeping your home fresh. Don't just pay attention to the bowl! Scrubbing around the base (especially at the back!), under the clamps for the seat, and in the space between the base and the tank are areas that often get missed. Pro tip: regular, old-fashioned shaving cream has antibacterial properties thanks to the alcohol content, and is a great option to spray around the base of the toilet since the foam can go under the edge and break down odor causing bacteria you can't reach!
  5. Baking soda is your friend. Baking soda is the Swiss Army knife of house cleaning. Use it with vinegar to break down sink clogs and freshen your disposal. Use it as an abrasive scrub for your sink or shower, or add it to laundry to brighten whites! For deodorizing your furniture, carpets, rugs, pet areas, and more, sprinkle baking soda on the area, let sit for 15-20 minutes, and then vacuum up! It leaves your fabric surfaces smelling bright and can help loosen dirt during the vacuuming process so you're cleaning more effectively.

We hope these tips make cleaning your home seem more manageable and less stressful! Stick to these, and your home will smell like Spring all year long. Another key part of keeping your home clean and fresh? Keeping pests OUT. Country Boy Pest Control provides residential pest control services for the greater Polk county area, protecting your space from roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, termites, and more. Call us!

Happy Spring from all of us at Country Boy!