Local, Experienced, and Here for Your Business: Comprehensive Commercial Pest Control by Country Boy

Local residents in Polk County know that pest control is an almost immediate requirement when moving into a home...but did you know it's just as important for your business? Without pest control, local businesses and venues are at risk for unwanted visitors, and that is NOT the impression you want to give your customers or clients. Even if your business occupies a basic office space, and there is no kitchen/bathroom area where pests tend to congregate, you can still encounter plenty of insects that might be tiny, but can turn into a BIG problem when left untreated.

It's easy to think you don't have options when it comes to commercial pest control. Many smaller, localized businesses offer residential-based plans, and don't always make themselves available to businesses or the unique needs of a commercial space. Many local companies turn to the big names in the industry...and the bigger the brand, the less likely you are to get the personalized, quality service you are looking for. Unless, that is, your business is in the Central Florida area in and around Winter Haven.

Country Boy Pest Control serves ALL of Polk County, businesses and homes alike, with comprehensive pest management. Our commercial services are much like our contract services for treating and protecting your home, in that we will work alongside you to customize a plan of action that will keep your business pest-free year-round. This plan will vary depending on what type of business you have (office space, food industry, etc.) and if you have an existing infestation in place or are simply wishing to be proactive and prevent insects from invading in the first place. We start the process with an inspection, move on to a specialized plan for YOU based on those results, and once treatment begins we periodically stop in to monitor progress, make suggestions, and address any concerns you might have.

One thing you can guarantee from Country Boy Pest Control, whether we are servicing your home or your business, is that you will receive high-quality and friendly service at an affordable price. We care about our customers and strive to give them the very best. After all, we're a Polk County business too! Give us a call and schedule your on-the-spot estimate.