Pest Control and Your Garage: What You Need to Know

Country Boy Pest Control

Here in Florida, garages are a way of life. Pretty much any modern-day home either had a garage included at the time of building, or has had one added at some point. Even those who don't have full garages invest in sheds or covers for their parking area, as the sun and heat takes a toll on vehicles and can shorten the lifespan of your vehicle's interior, the paint job, and anything else exposed to the elements. Not only are garages important for keeping your vehicle protected, but in Florida where homes typically don't have basements (thanks to the close proximity to the water table) and attics are just too hot for storage, a garage space is needed to hold items that you might not keep accessible year-round, like holiday decorations, keepsake items, etc.

Unfortunately, garages are also very attractive to bugs, and can get a great way for them to get their foot in the door (literally) to your home. Yes, a quality pest management plan should include your garage and will do a good job at keeping the bugs outdoors where they belong, but there are some things you should know to keep your garage as safe as possible from infestations and make sure you're supporting your pest control team's hard work!

  1. DON'T keep garbage in your garage. This is a big one. With many HOAs being picky about where and how garbage cans can be stored, some homeowners resort to placing their garbage bins inside their garage. Not only does this cause a huge odor issue during the summer (ugh!) but it also attracts bugs and rodents to your home. Maggots (and flies) are a major problem when you keep garbage in a garage space, but ants can be another issue as they are attracted to any sugary spills found inside the cans. Keep garbage outside where it belongs, and be sure to spray out your bins periodically to keep them free from buildup and less attractive to unwanted visitors.
  2. Maintain door seals. Garage doors, much like the other exterior doors on your home, come with seals along the sides and bottom. While not airtight (or even watertight) they are meant to mitigate water during a heavy rain, as well as keeping creepy crawlies out of your space. Over time these seals can wear out, crack, and start to disintegrate. If you don't replace them, you're opening up your garage to not only visitors of the insect variety, but lizards, snakes, and mice as well since they can all fit under the tiny opening left behind.
  3. Periodically clean out your garage. While you don't have to hire a full cleaning crew to leave the place spotless, once or twice a year it's worth taking an afternoon to pull things out of the garage, sweep out any existing cobwebs, dirt, and debris that might have built up, and assess any issues that might need to be addressed by you, or by your pest management team if it's an applicable problem. Even with a thorough check, your pest control company can't move large numbers of boxes, lawn equipment, or any other personal items when they spray your home. For this reason, unless your garage is totally empty, there will be areas that can't be accessed at each and every visit, and by cleaning out and keeping your garage tidy, you can make yourself less of a target for pests of all kinds.

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