Pro-Tips: Protecting Your Dorm from Pests


School is officially back in session! With summer break coming to a close,
kids are packing their backpacks, preparing their snacks, and dreading that future math class. For recent graduates though, the start of the school year looks a little different. For college freshman heading into their first year, dorm life is a whole new experience, and if they head in unprepared, they could end up with a few additional roommates they weren't counting on!

Keeping a dorm room bug-free isn't just up to the college grounds crew or maintenance team. As a student, YOU have the responsibility to do your part in keeping pests at bay and keeping a clean and tidy space. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Don't forget to do your laundry! This seems absurd, but you'd be surprised how many new students simply overlook their laundry in the midst of adjusting to a new class schedule, meeting new friends, and learning how to do life on their own. Dirty laundry left piled up in a corner or in a closet is just asking for pest problems. That shirt you spilled lunch on, or your wet towels from LAST week's trip to the pool are the perfect environment for ants or roaches to take up residence and settle in. Keeping your laundry clean, dry, and put away is a good way to avoid infestation!
  • Store your food properly. Store all food in sealed containers, or keep food in the refrigerator. Leaving pizza in the box on top of the microwave, or having granola bars out on the shelf beside your bed are like a welcome sign to hungry bugs. Sealing up your food not only keeps it fresher for longer, but also prevents insects (or rodents!) from making your room their stop for a quick meal.
  • Buy a vacuum (or a broom!) for your room. When you're packing for your dorm, you know you need to bring some sheets, a microwave, and maybe even some cleaning wipes, but did you remember to buy a vacuum? Whether you choose a full-sized vacuum, a "dust buster", or a simple broom, having the tools you need to clean your dorm room and remove crumbs and spills quickly is a big part of preventing pests in your space.

We hope these tips give you a few ideas for items you'll need or things you'll need to put into practice as you head into the dorms this Fall. For all students of all ages here in our area, good luck in your year ahead! We hope you have a great first day! Hey parents, are YOU the one dealing with the pest problems at home or at work? Better call Country Boy!