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   Mosquito Control


Mosquitos are a nuisance, especially when you are trying to relax on you patio or around your pool. Now you can enjoy being outdoors without having to fight off those mosquitos. Country Boy Pest Control offers the MistAway System that controls those pesky Mosquitoes.

   Ant Control


Most people don't think about ants until they see a trail of ants on their kitchen countertops or mounds all over the yard. Ants are known to contaminate food and build nests by hollowed out wood in your walls. Fire ant inflicts pain and can possibly cause life-threatening illness. When you spot ants, call Country Boy Pest Control to help you get rid of them.

Bees, Wasps & Flying Insects


County Boy Pest Control knows how to take the sting out of bees, wasps, yellow jackets and other flying insects. We have several methods of removing or exterminating your flyig insect problem. Find out more about Carpenter Bees, Wasps and Yellowjackets and Flies. When you encounter a nest - don't try to take care of it yourself, call us!

   Termite Control


You may never know that termites have invaded your home or business until major damage has been done. Have one of our specialists come out and inspect your home or business for termites could save you tons of money. Call us today and have your home or business inspected for termites.

Rodent Control


Did you know that rodents increase in population at an extremely fast pace. Your health is at risk because rodents are carriers of many types of diseases. Some of the most common rodents like mice and rats can setup their living accommodation right inside your home and scamper across the very floor you walk on every day. 

Cockroach Control


Are you seeing cockroaches running over your countertops, across your kitchen floor, or inside your cupboards? These germ carrying insects are a health risk to you, your family and/or your employees. Our experienced exterminators will come out to your home or business and eliminate your cockroach infestation.


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